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Office phone #: 1-306-725-4521

To the ratepayers: Please update your information ( address, phone, email) if there are any changes.  The tax notices will be sent out soon.You may call the office. The phone number is above.

“ The village is beginning to see more and more residents out to enjoy this beautiful weather. With more people means more garbage and there is a proper garbage compound etiquette we should all adopt. Please DO NOT put your garbage in a bin that is already full. The door to the bin should be able to closed once you place your “house hold garbage only” in the bin. It is not the responsibility of the maintenance person to pick up or move your garbage.” We all have to do our part to keep our community clean!”

When you are putting your ice shacks back into the storage compound, please ensure that your shack is in the middle of your spot and not encroaching onto your neighbor.

Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area
 is in our own back yard and it is AMAZING.  

Click on the link "Save Our Lakes"
It has a 3 minute video on the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area designated as a Ramsar Site of international importance.  This wildlife refuge has been conserved and cared for since 1887 as part of a network of more than 146 environment and climate change Canada protected areas. 

8 a .m to 3 p.m. until April 30th.
The Landfill will be starting a Facebook Page.
A link for the Facebook Page will be posted on
this site, when the page is created. 


The Resort Village of Island View is located on the east side of Last Mountain Lake about 1 kilometre south of Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park. The picturesque growing resort is home to approximately 74 permanent residents and 163 seasonal residents. The council consists of one mayor and two councillors. The resort office is located within the village.

Attention Island View residents. COVID may have spoiled our regular plans but the Island View Rec board has still planned some AMAZING things.

Make sure you click on our "Events" and reply "going" to all three events to stay up to date on the Food Trucks, Contest and Scavenger Hunt!

Tag Island View residents in this post so we don't miss anyone and also please tell all your neighbours about this Food and Fun because we do know not everyone has Facebook!

The next meeting for Island View Resort Village is June 27th 
at 10:00 a.m.

Please be advised that due to the recent covid 19 pandemic, the admin office will be closed to the public, until further notice.
However, the administrator will be at the office, during the regular office hours, to take phone calls or answer your emails.

     The SUMMER Office Hours


               Opened to the public.

              FRI: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

              SAT: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

 Jan 25/20 Minutes and Payables

If you want to be a part of the Islandview Rec Board or have ideas on events please email the Rec Board at