Resort Village of Island View

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 The History and Location of Island View

The Resort Village of Island View is located on the east side of Last Mountain Lake about 1 kilometre south of Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park. The picturesque growing resort is home to approximately 74 permanent residents and 163 seasonal residents. The council consists of one mayor and two councillors. The resort office is located within the village.

The Resort Village of Island View was first begun in 1959 by Strasbourg Beach Development Co. Ltd. and was called Strasbourg Beach. The land was purchased from John Uhl and operated as an unorganized hamlet with the R.M. of McKillop #220. The resort was incorporated as an organized hamlet on January 31, 1991. The name was changed to the present name Island View on January 1, 1994. The Resort was incorporated as a resort village on January 1, 1994.

The Town of Strasbourg and Village of Bulyea are within 20 minutes drive of Island View. Strasbourg has two grocery stores, a hotel and bar, one Credit Union and one bank, deli and service station, pharmacy, hardware store, lumber store, insurance agency, hair dressers, computer store, gift store, appliance store, a Chinese restaurant, pizza restaurant, and several other commodities. Bulyea has a grocery store and bakeshop and hosts a Co-op hardware store/service station.