Resort Village of Island View

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Residents of Island View are members of the Landfill. Make sure you take ID
with you when you go.

Check the link below regarding more
about using the Landfill.  
Landfill Link
Check Facebook page for hours of operation.
Please ensure your loads are tied or have a tarp on.

Resort Village Of Island View Ratepayers,

The Resort Village of Island View Council has decided to remain with the Regional Landfill as a member. Starting July 1st if you are using the landfill an extra twenty dollar, per entry, charge will be applied to those who are not members. In order for you not to receive this charge you will have to show identification. The Resort Village is required to give a list of its residents. I will be supplying this list to the landfill. It will only have your names as they are shown on your tax receipt. No other information will be provided.

If you have a problem with your name being released please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank You, Administration

The Resort Village of Island View has authorized Ron Braumberger, Pest Control to shoot gophers within the Resort Village.  The RCMP in Strasbourg and Southey have been notified. Ron has advised the office that he will not be shooting any gophers after 8 pm.   Residents who are not authorized should not be discharging firearms within the Resort Village. 


Did you know that a compound key for the large gate can be signed out at the office during office hours?

****All Bulletin Board items must first be given to the Office and the office will rotate as necessary, due to available space.